About Dr. Dan

Dr. Dan

During his early years, Daniel Mario Lombardo aspired to become the first person in his family to obtain an education at university. This was a lofty dream as he consistently finished in the bottom 5% of the class throughout primary and lower high school. He was often bullied by his classmates and neglected by his teachers due to his learning disability; with many suggesting he should take an “easier path through life”. Report cards often had big red D’s and E’s written on them. Instead of withdrawing into a shell, Dan decided to use his situation as a platform to realise his goal of graduating with a university degree.

Determined to progress from his current circumstance, Dan would get a mere four hours of sleep each night so that he did not miss the opportunity to learn. He hired tutor after tutor and even attended after school study sessions. After three years of hard work and dedication, those D’s and E’s were replaced with A’s and B’s. Dan eventually graduated in the top 5% of his high school class and was accepted to Curtin University on an academic scholarship.

It was around this time that the most influential person in Dan’s life, his grandmother, began her long battle with cancer. She was a pillar of strength for Dan during his early years; making all his worries disappear. In a desperate effort to help her, he decided to choose a career in Medicinal Chemistry with the hope of creating a new drug that would cure her disease. He studied even more fervently until finally, in December 2008, his dreams were realised. He finished in the top 1% of the university and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree.

Dan went on to complete his Honours in Chemistry where he was the recipient of several awards including the Dean’s Prize for the most outstanding student in Science. In 2011, he decided to undertake his greatest challenge; becoming a doctor. He experienced many challenges during this time including the passing of his grandmother and the divorce of his parents. During this time, he and his mother were forced to move into his grandfather’s house, sleeping on mattresses on the floor just to make ends meet. Having faced adversity in the past, Dan re-tooled and pushed ahead. In 2015, he completed his PhD dissertation with a focus on anti-inflammatories and was proudly awarded his doctorate, becoming the first person in the family to receive both a tertiary education and post-graduate qualification.

Using his knowledge as a Chemist, Dr. Dan is driven to educate people on living a healthy life and wishes to use his story to educate people on the benefits of taking supplements to achieve ones peak health.

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