5 Tips For A Healthy Gut

  1. Take a high quality probiotic. There are trillions of probiotics in our gut. They look after a whopping 80% of our immune system and have all sorts of positive benefits such as increasing anti-oxidant absorption, producing vitamin B and vitamin K and hunting down bad bacteria.
  2. Consume a range of probiotic supplements and probiotic rich foods. The more diverse the probiotic range is in your gut, the greater the benefits to your health.
  3. If hand is to glove, fibre is to probiotics. Just like the Sea Monkey trend of the 90’s, probiotics survive by feeding on a high quality fibre source. If they are devoid of their favourite food source, they will die and you will lose their benefits.
  4. Fish oil is a must for those looking to maintain a healthy gut and immune system. A high quality fish oil can provide your body with an army to fight bad bacteria.
  5. Finally, take a pharmaceutical grade multi-vitamin/multi-mineral supplement. The gut is the gateway to absorb essential micro nutrients into the blood so they can be delivered to your cells. Certain vitamins act as a building block for your body to produce powerful anti-oxidants that protect the lining of your gut.

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