I have known and worked with Dr. Dan for about two years. He continues to display outstanding leadership in a number of ways.

Dr. Dan plays a significant role in the development of the members of the Young Guns group. The Young Guns has been established for the sole purpose of helping young people between 13 and 33 to develop into the members of the community we can be very proud of. Dr. Dan is also a regular speaker at the Club 20 events. This is an invitation only event for which Dr. Dan is very respected for his knowledge in the use of Vitamins in preventing diseases. Dr Dan is an entertaining speaker and has a vast number of subjects he can talk on; I would recommend Dr Dan to anyone requiring a Key Note speaker or help with personal development.

Colin James (GoHealth)


Positive – Motivated – Inspiring – Knowledgeable…these are just a few of the many great characteristics that make up this wonderful man, Dr. Dan!

Dan is a natural mentor, leader and teacher in life… His years of hard work and university studies have awarded him exceptional knowledge and skills in the area of health and personal development. He is passionate about educating and helping people to realise and achieve optimal health and freedom in life. Dan’s health supplement presentations are professional and always interesting, with his proven ability to adapt to diverse audiences to ensure content is relevant and beneficial to all! Dan simplifies concepts and theories in his teachings to make them FUN and EASY to understand for the average Joe!

Dr.Dan is a true asset to this industry – his energy, pizazz & drive will see him help countless people on this journey to achieving their own successes! I am blessed to have Dr.Dan as a business partner, mentor and friend, and am excited about working with him in the future! I am confident that there are many great things to come from this amazing human!

Nathan Papas


What a privilege having Dr. Dan ready and willing to explain the most complex nutritional science to us ‘mere mortals’. It is impressive that he has university degrees galore! A Bachelor of Science, First Class Honours in Chemistry, and a PhD focusing on developing a ‘super fish oil supplements’. And there’s more! Dr. Dan was in the Vice Chancellor List Top 1% of university graduates and John Curtin Leadership graduate! Take a bow, Dr. Dan! You deserve all the accolades that come your way! As a public speaker he makes his speciality of nutritional medicine easy to understand, compelling and entertaining. On a personal note, I have always found Dr. Dan to be caring, extremely polite and highly principled – rare qualities amongst most young people today!

Although we are not business partners in USANA we certainly share the same passion for helping people achieve and maintain optimal health. Thank you Dr. Dan for sharing your knowledge with us.

Janet Cheeseman